Discovery and Beyond

Helping firms like yours to implement the right eDiscovery solution so that you can obtain better outcomes for your clients.

We do more than help you find the evidence. Understand how to get to the key documents sooner and minimise your document review efforts. We help you drill deeper into your understanding of the issues and how they relate. Be empowered to take on more cases and deliver value to your clients sooner.

Looking for the best technology in eDiscovery?

Get up and running in minutes, not days, with our next-generation eDiscovery solution.

4 reasons eDiscovery leads to better outcomes

  1. As data grows exponentially, there is a risk that significant time and expense will be wasted on reviewing documents that add no value to your case. The right eDiscovery technology helps you get to the relevant documents sooner. Work smarter not harder.

  2. In today's mobile world with geographically dispersed legal teams, you must be able to work together and communicate effectively to do the best job for your client. Increase productivity by collaborating in real-time with your team, client and counsel.

  3. The parameters change, both during discovery and at trial. If you set up your matter correctly at the beginning of the process and it develops into something bigger or the issues change, you'll be in the best position to respond.

  4. A well designed eDiscovery process can be managed, measured and optimised for efficiency. Generate metrics around review, including accuracy, throughput and time. Good metrics breed good results.

eDiscovery is the only way to do discovery

The technology and process has now matured to a point where undertaking litigation without a well planned and managed eDiscovery process will leave your legal team under-prepared.

How an effective eDiscovery process meets your challenges

  • Reduce the size of the document stack

    The smaller the review set, the lower the cost of discovery. An effective eDiscovery process begins with eliminating the data that you don't need. Use technology to deal with duplicates, near-duplicates and email threads in a single action.
  • Use artificial intelligence to focus on the most relevant documents first

    Let the system guide you to the most relevant documents - the more you review, the more accurate the predictions become.
  • Find documents faster

    Instantly recall documents whether there are 1,000 or 10,000,000 in the database. Search by keyword, notes, or customised issues and codes.
  • Improve productivity with a collaborative discovery process

    Start collaborating on your legal argument and build your chronology as you review the documents, not afterwards. Share whatever you want with whoever you want - counsel, clients or experts.
  • Automatically collect metrics which track progress

    Get real time and historical insight into how a project is tracking. Measure reviewer throughput and accuracy. You'll get the visibility you need to set discovery budgets and meet them.
  • Efficiently adapt to changing parameters as new information comes to light

    Changing parameters will often force a re-review of documents. Leverage your eDiscovery platform to quickly recall, re-analyse or highlight new documents of interest.
  • Make the most of cloud based scaleability

    Benefit from the cloud and scale resources to meet the fluctuating demands of your matters. 100 servers one hour. None the next.

eDiscovery and Beyond

When an eDiscovery platform is implemented and managed properly the results are significant.

For many firms however, eDiscovery just becomes an electronic version of what happens manually.

At NuLegal we see the greatest benefits follow when eDiscovery is allowed to redefine conventional thinking of the discovery process. With real time monitoring of your project, we can collect data and metrics on how the eDiscovery review is progressing, which in turn allows us to optimise the way discovery is approached in the future. This continual focus on improving the process and making sure the right resources are deployed at the right time will see your projects run with increasing efficiency.