1. What is eDiscovery?

    eDiscovery is short for electronic discovery and is the process of finding and producing relevant electronic information in response to a legal request or investigation.

  2. Why eDiscovery ?

    eDiscovery is both necessary and desirable. It is necessary in legal proceedings because there is an obligation to produce relevant electronic information in accordance with the relevant legislation and court rules. It is desirable because managing documents electronically assists with obtaining an early and thorough understanding of the evidence, leading to a better strategy and outcome for your client.

  3. How big does my case need to be to benefit from NuLegal's services?

    Any case involving more than a folder of documents or electronic information can benefit from NuLegal's services. You will benefit the most from eDiscovery in matters where:

    • There is a chance your case will morph into something bigger.
    • You need to search for topics in your documents and mark them against a set of issues.
    • You have a team of people who need to collaborate on the document review, chronology and legal arguments.
    • You need to reduce document volumes by removing duplicates and email threads. 
    • You want to track, manage and report on the document review.
  4. How does NuLegal help?

    NuLegal can convert your data to a court accepted format and place the documents into our review platform, Everlaw. We will help you get you up and running and offer unlimited training. We can also help with identifying and collecting your data, drafting a document management protocol, running searches and building a review workflow, along with any other technical requirements that might arise.

  5. How do you charge for eDiscovery services?

    Our pricing is straightforward and predictable. For both processing and hosting services, we offer a single, affordable fee based on volume. There are no separate charges for user licenses or analytics. When we need to go the extra mile, we charge on an hourly basis.

  6. Is my data secure?

    NuLegal and its partner Everlaw use secure AWS hosting facilities located onshore in Australia. AWS's world class data centres use state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centres are staffed 24/7 by trained security guards and access is strictly controlled. AWS certifications, reports and alignment with best practice can be viewed online at http://aws.amazon.com/compliance.