The Solution

Not all eDiscovery solutions are created equal and it's time to move on from slow, clunky technology. eDiscovery shouldn't be complex.

That's why NuLegal is proud to be the only provider in Australia and New Zealand offering Everlaw, a next generation eDiscovery solution that is built for the cloud; powerful and intuitive, with near instantaneous search results.

eDiscovery made easy

Everlaw is the new standard in eDiscovery software

It's the most powerful eDiscovery platform available today in terms of both functionality and speed and it also sets the gold standard in user experience and modern user interface design.

NuLegal has brought Everlaw to the Australian market and it is our recommended platform.

The NuLegal process

An effective eDiscovery process begins with you - your challenges, your needs, your goals. That's why an engagement with NuLegal always begins with a conversation. We can work together and develop a strategic discovery process while ensuring that you collect, process, review and produce your documents in the most efficient way possible.

Preparation of a document management protocol

A document management protocol is not always required but is recommended. A protocol acts as a guideline for document management throughout the matter and ensures that parties describe and exchange documents consistently. Without one, you risk receiving poor quality data from other parties and spending unnecessary time and expense managing it.

Processing of data

As data volumes explode, you need a processing solution that is built to scale and allows you to process large volumes of data in hours, not days, without compromising the quality of output.

NuLegal takes advantage of cloud technology combined with the industry leading Nuix software to meet this challenge and ensure that your legal team can begin its document review as quickly as possible. 

Review and production

The review stage is typically the most time consuming and expensive part of discovery. Therefore, we will work with you closely to develop a strategy that allows you to focus on the key documents in the shortest amount of time.

Our solution includes the latest in text analytics including email threading, near duplication and predictive coding - saving you up to 30% or 40% of review time.