Electronic Trials

In the digital age, the volume of material before the court is growing and creating new document management challenges. We help you meet those challenges and use technology to run your trial more efficiently.

We can help in any legal proceeding; simple or complex including mediations, arbitrations, government inquiries and at trial.

25% less time

NuLegal eTrials run in 25% less time.

"Conservative time estimates indicate that the trial time required would probably have increased by 25 to 30 per cent using paper. The cost consequences of such an extension in terms of counsel and solicitors' fees and other expenses would be very, very significant in multiple proceedings such as this. The economics of well-run electronic trials seem very clear, in my view."

Great Southern Proceedings, Supreme Court of Victoria, Croft J

  1. Fast and secure access to your documents - 24/7

    Court books in electronic format provide compelling advantages over the paper equivalents. The court book documents are always available, securely stored and backed up and fully searchable.

  2. More efficient work processes

    Document administration is a pain point during any paper based trial and detracts from the more valuable work of your legal team. An electronic court book reduces paper handling including printing and photocopying, makes updates to the court book easier and automates evidence management tasks. 


  3. Simple and effective evidence presentation

    Evidence presentation is key to how well an eTrial runs. Poor legibility will undermine the process and force parties back to paper documents. The NuLegal solution delivers high definition display. This means complex spreadsheets and poor quality documents remain legible even when zooming in on the detail.

  4. Confidential and secure

    Each party has access to their own private copy of the court book. This reduces risk and ensures each party can organise their documents with complete confidence that their notes and annotations will not be shared with the opposing side.

What our clients say.

NuLegal was very well prepared and we were impressed with their organisation and the way their solution dealt with multiple parties and the Court's requests. The turnaround time with adding documents to the system was very good. As a general observation, the efficiency and smooth running of an eTrial appears to be dependent, not only on the technology used, but on the personnel who operate the system in Court and maintain the electronic database of documents.”

David Harris | Allens.

I'm worrying what's going to happen in the next case when NuLegal is not about. It's going to be like going from the front of the plane to the back of the plane. The point being that we run our legal cases completely differently now from how we did, what, three or four years ago.

Closing submissions before Croft J, Great Southern proceedings, Paul D. Santamaria QC | .

NuLegal have an excellent software platform, but then I'm sure everyone in that space has an excellent platform. What made all the difference in our long, complex and demanding trial was that the team of people NuLegal deployed to it were smart, reliable, helpful and very quick. They were a delight to work with.

Toby Borgeest | Slater and Gordon.