1. What is an eTrial?

    An eTrial or electronic trial refers to the use of technology to replace the use of paper in a courtroom (or other legal proceeding). An eTrial may involve some or all of the following - an electronic court book, electronic presentation of evidence, video conferencing and real time transcript.

  2. When should we consider engaging NuLegal for an eTrial?

    You should assess every matter going to trial for its suitability for an eTrial. Factors to take into consideration include the format of the evidence, the volume of documents to be included in the court book, the length of the trial and the availability of a suitable courtroom.

  3. Who pays for the eTrial?

    The cost of providing an eTrial is shared by the parties.

  4. How do I engage NuLegal?

    To engage NuLegal for an eTrial, you need agreement from the parties and permission from the judge.  NuLegal will provide you with a proposal to facilitate this process and can also provide draft court orders if required.