A successful eTrial solution is not just a technology solution.

1. Planning

A successful eTrial starts with planning.

The earlier in the proceeding you engage NuLegal the better. We can advise on the best way to manage your documents from the beginning, which ensures an easier transition to trial.

eTrial protocol

The eTrial protocol establishes guidelines on the management of evidence at trial to improve the time required to upload documents, searchability and retrieval. NuLegal will draw upon years of experience to establish the best protocol. Compliance with the protocol contributes to efficiency and will minimise document management costs.

Online court book

An online court book provides for a shared set of documents between the parties and court, as well as a private database for each party. Our approach mimics the hard copy world where each party has their own set of the agreed court bundle, plus documents that are kept private until needed (eg. during cross-examination). You have the assurance that the documents you view, search, and annotate are kept confidential.

2. Courtroom setup

The correct courtroom setup is critical. You risk costly interruptions and delays to the proceedings if you use an inexperienced eTrial provider.  NuLegal's courtroom solution has been refined over many years and is designed as an independent system contained with the courtroom. This translates to performance, reliability and speed. Loading a document in the courtroom for example is immediate, even for large documents and there is no risk of outside interference. You can rely on our expertise to get this right.

3. In court

Our people

You will have an experienced team supporting you to ensure the smooth running of your trial. This leaves you to focus on the more important work involved in presenting your case. Our team will be available in the courtroom and also after hours.  Urgent document uploads are no problem - we work when you need us to.

Navigating the court book

An electronic court book will improve your ability to follow the evidence. The court book will be organised in a logical, familiar structure and hyperlinking ensures easy navigation between related documents; such as witness statements and exhibits. The NuLegal court book also offers a unique feature above and beyond standard hyperlinking. When a new document is imported, you can automatically see a list of every document in the court book where the document is referred to. 

Presenting your evidence

Calling up a document is simple. Read out the document ID and the document will appear on screen in seconds. Over the course of weeks or months, this leads to significant savings in cost and time compared to paper. You also have sophisticated presentation features at your fingertips. The operator can zoom in on key words, highlight a paragraph, or place 2 documents side by side - simple and effective.